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[Cross-posted from New Books in Journalism] If it doesn't spread, it's dead This is the unifying idea of Henry Jenkins, Sam Ford, and Joshua Green's new book, Spreadable Media: Creating Value and Meaning in a Networked Culture (New York University Press, 2013). Those six words – If it doesn't spread, it's dead – appear on the back cover, on the inside jacket, and in the very first paragraph of the book's introduction.

The authors focus on the new currencies of media, including user engagement and the rapid flow of information, while debunking the terms we've all learned to know and dread, such as "viral" and "Web 2.0."

JenkinsFord, and Green set an ambitious agenda, targeting not one but three audiences: media scholars, communication professionals, and those who create and share media and are interested in learning how media are changing because of it.

"Perhaps the most impactful aspect of a spreadable media environment," the authors write, "is the way in which we all now play a vital role in the sharing of media texts."

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